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The hamsters won't stop!!

Man, my mind is going a million miles an hour today!! All these opportunities and ideas have come to me in the last 6 hours, and I'm finding it a bit difficult to get organized; at least I can see that part as a challenge. First thing:  cleaning up my work area. So I'm doing a major rehaul on my files, drawers, and multiple inboxes!!! Fantastic! The Virgo in me is coming out with a vengeance!

Here are a few things to chew on:
*New opportunities at work, which I am very excited about!
*It's not only Wordstock weekend, which I always manage to flub up or miss, but I still get inspired by the idea of it; but also, it's NaNoWriMo month!! I'm not signed up this year but I can still think like a writer, and always have that pen and paper in my sights!
*Cooking! Writing! Both!! Still working on my cookbook. Having a tasting party soon. Will keep in touch with my foodie friends about that.
*DANCE! God, it's been so long. I haven't danced since I injured my knee, and while I'm doing physical therapy and am allowed to work out at the gym, it's NOT the same as bellydancing. But I got a request from a contact that I made last year to dance in December, so that is my goal. Break out those zaggarheets December 12th!
*Love. It's going on holiday time, which is just a loving time in general. Let's all go overboard on the hugs for the rest of 2008. I double-dog dare you.
*Had a tribe meeting last Sunday. So nice to see those people. I miss them in my life, and I miss my family like crazy. Who wants to sponsor my next trip to Costa Rica?? I'll pack you in my suitcase! Or at least take lots of pics...


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