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Curious Comedy shout-out

Chrissy and I wanted to do something different on Friday, so I was toodling through the internet, looking for something unique, and came upon a posting for an improv group performing at this brand-new venue, Curious Comedy, on NE MLK. We ended up going, having a drink, and a great big laugh! It was great! I'm so glad we tried something new and that we did it together.

Friday I am trying something else new. Lumberjax game with my best buddy AJ! We haven't seen eachother in weeks because of the snow, holidays, life... so we're having a little date night just the two of us. Makes me happy. And I'm excited to finally see what this indoor lacrosse is all about.

Went to bellydance on Monday night and that was a much-needed thing. Got to see Jessica and give her her Christmas present. We had a good class but I'm afraid the commute is going to hurt me. Gas is expensive and driving an hour each way plus work, and bringing dinner each time is really annoying. But Jess commuted to Portland for 2 years to have class with Claudia and me, so I'll stick it out a bit longer, but I'm not even sure the teacher is right for me. I need structure, and she is somewhat unorganized. A good teacher, don't get me wrong, but not structured.

So far good things in the new year. I'm liking it.


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