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China - part 4

China smells like garbage!! Or, pee! Yuck! They are definitely trying to make strides toward creating a clean environment, but damn it smells like ass, literally.

Mother and I had breakfast at Provence Cafe, next door to the hotel. The owner speaks very good English! The food was not the best, but the lady was great and it was really pretty inside. She also had free internet, whee! Mom ran into an Aussie she knows, Perry, so he joined us and they had conversations. He seems like an okay bloke.

The hotel here is subsisting, but it certainly isn't luxery. The towels all have holes and the bed really is hard as a rock, but I am just glad to be out of the chaos for a moment.

Sichuan Street is where we started walking and shopping. It is LOUD! Crowded! Mom says because it is May Day, the Labor Day of China. Goodness, everyone was nuts. The first friend mom saw was the bike guy's brother. BGB was super cute, and a lady stopped who soke a little English, and said BGB said that I was beautiful, and was excited to meet Jiang's daughter. People gathered around to hear mom's broken Chinese. Next stop, Original Bike Guy! OBG was more solemn, less excited, but warm nonetheless.

We sat at the park for a moment, to watch old men and young men doing Tai Chi and a lady dancing with a sword. A man came up to practice his English. I took pics of Tai Chi. I want to go back and take pics of the tea house and the men having their boy's club on the bridge.

On to the real shopping! Mom is a top dawg haggler! She got me a fake fancy purse for about $7, and a pair of cute sunglasses, and some movies and CDs for cheap. We walked forever and ate lunch at a noodle place and took a pedicab back to the hotel. The pedicab driver was a jerk, but mom told him off in Chinese! She's cool! I'm so not hard core like that.

Day 1, 2:00 PM


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