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Damn you just got served

Got an email from someone close to me, and this horoscope applies hardcore because I've been known to be jealous of her general lifestyle and it affects the way I feel about her at least 50% of the time...
Try not to be so much of a stick-in-the-mud today, Becky. Other people aren't going to want to take the time to pull you out and drag you along with them. Take the initiative yourself. If you want to have fun, you need to create it for yourself. The biggest part of this equation is simply your attitude. Realize that other people can sense your jealous nature, so don't think you are fooling anyone. Let others live their lives. You need to concentrate on your own.

A good horoscope for this week

Social events or group activities could put you in touch with a lot of people, Becky, both close friends and casual acquaintances. A new person may come into your life who might make a difference for you. Issues may come up which you feel strongly about, and you aren't likely to mince words expressing your opinions of them. This is fine, as you're likely to be very tactful, and people will appreciate your honesty and sincerity.
Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you, Becky. The problem with the energy today is that there just may very well be some sticks and stones being tossed in your direction. Be on the lookout for such airborne adversities. There are powerful forces operating today that are charged with emotional aggression. War is about to break out if you are not careful. Try to maintain the peace. You may just need to seek shelter below ground.

Knees and stuff

I can't remember what I last posted about my knee injury, but I went to the physical therapist today for the first time. She is this super cute little Asian chick who was so nice and helpful. I had a million questions and she answered them all patiently. She gave me a good printout of excercises I have to do, as well as doing some massaging of my kneecap, which is apparently out of whack, leaning too much to the right, and partially the cause of my pain. So I have to be hard core with this. I'm supposed to do two sessions a day of 5 different exercises. I really want to start being as active as I was before so I can't slack off. Good news, though! I am allowed to do powerflex class!!!! But definitely wear the brace and keep babying it. Try not to wear heels for awhile...GRR. I may have to wear my chunky platforms instead of my whore-heels on Halloween. That should be okay. At least then you can see my fishnets better!!

In other news, my weekend was super fabulous!! Friday night I went out with Claudia and it was just like old times. I say that a bit tongue in cheek because I feel like nothing has changed and yet I can't hang as hard core as I used to... I stayed up until around 3:30 and I was totally exhausted the next day. Granted I didn't get all that much sleep. Had a gross hangover and didn't stay overnight at the mountain because of it. But Saturday was fabulous nonetheless.

Lisa and I met up at Farmer's Market. I picked up fresh spinach, parsley, pears, and jalapenos. It was SO beautiful outside!!  Then we hit up the coffee place and gossiped and people-watched for awhile. I went home to gather all my dinner fixings and headed over to Clackamas so lisa and I could carpool up to Welches. Aleja generously offered to take Chivo so we wouldn't be going nuts the whole time, which was FANTASTIC!! We got up there, cooked up a SUPER dinner, including a yummy Goddess salad and chichis from Katrina's recent trip to Peru. Sooo yummy.

Katrina and Marisa were going to the bar later so I'm pretty relieved I went home. i was feeling pretty miserable by the time we got back to Lisa's. But the time at the mountain was worth it. Such great vibes! I got to see Katrina's Peru pics. SO AMAZING!!!

Sunday I woke up and decided it was a day to accomplish things. SO I did! I cleaned the bathroom! I cooked an amazing shrimp scampi AND a salsa verde stew!!! I wrote part of a cookbook chapter! And then I took a walk in the turning leaves. What a great low-key day....


My knee

Boo. Went to the doctor and he is making me go to physical therapy for 6 weeks. Ah well, it'll be good. It'll teach me how to keep my knees strong and not wuss out on me. Maybe my physical therapist will be nice to look at. :)

The Trifecta

When you want me to do something at work that is above and beyond my call of duty, I simply ask that you provide me with one of three things: Coffee, Chocolate, or a Single Man. In the past I've gotten quite impressive results with this tactic! I've gotten Peet's Coffee, dark chocolate, a picture of Johnny Depp (who I don't believe is single, but the intent was still there) and then the Ultimate Trifecta of them all!!

Today, my coworker Annie came in, and, without scaring the daylights out of me (I wear headphones a lot, so when people come over and tap me I usually jump out of my seat in fright) put down a bar of chocolate. But not just any chocolate! It's NewTree brand, called Sexy. Not only is it 73% cocoa, making it super yummy and actually kind of healthy, it contains guarana, which means that the bar has the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee!! AND, it's ever-so-slightly laced with ginger, which gives it it's sex appeal--enough to bring a man to his knees (of course, I could do that without chocolate...)! And I quote the back of the bar: "NewTree Sexy is chocolate in stilettos." If that isn't the perfect trifecta, I don't know what is!!!!

In other news, last night was absolutely amazing!! I met up with Kelly for coffee at Common Grounds. Kelly and I went to college together in Ohio and just last year found out that we are both PDXers! We have hung out a few times but due to our crazy schedules, we don't see eachother all that much. So we had our coffee and then went to see her new apartment, which is super cute!! We started getting all nostalgic about Wittenberg and were trying to figure out all the academic hall names, talked about Cyberwraps, etc. Called Alice and had a Witt three-way. It was great to see her. We made a date to do Cyberwrap night!! If you have never had one, you just don't know the magic...

Anyway. A lot of weird stuff going on in my body today, which was bringing me down this morning, but then my coworker Jeanette gave me three of her Zen Cards that read: Dance, Balance, and Patience. Those gave me big smiles. And then Annie gave me the Perfect Trifecta of chocolate, as a thanks for helping her with toner issues last week. How could I not smile?? So my day is definitely looking up!

My horoscope for today.... hmmmm

You may have found yourself having some issues with food lately, Becky. It could be that your sense of self-worth is not at its highest, and that you are trying to make up for this by sabotaging your relationship with your body. Remember that food is healthy nourishment that you need to survive. Your body deserves respect and you need to always give it the proper fuel that it needs to be healthy.

What a great day!!

I looked HOT.

I had fun in class.

I had fun afterwards.

I ate a pretty great dinner, even without a lot of quality food in the house.

My internet is working!

I am going to China in 2009.

It's been a fantastic week so far. Best-ofs all around!!


I have a first date tonight!!!  *big grin*

Tomato, Tomatoe, it all tastes good!

Had a really great weekend! It was perfectly balanced between social and chill time, and I just really enjoyed myself.

Thursday's coffee with[info]synthcat  was fabulous as usual. We went to one of my favorite coffee places!!

Friday night went shopping for essentials with Alice. Spent exactly the amount of money I had reserved for such a shopping trip. SO PROUD!! I've been hard core budgeting lately. I mean, if I'm going to China in the spring I better have some funds!! After that went home and relaxed with my self.

Saturday the roomie and I were up bright and early for the rugby games! Alice, Chrissy, Shannon and I went to watch Zach and the gang kick some serious rugby ass on the pitch!

Saturday night I went to Ragan's 40th birthday party. It was 70's themed. I looked fabulous of course and everyone else dressed up too! Lisa was hobnobbing with all her girlfriends so I took that chance to talk to Luis one-on-one. I haven't had much of a chance to get to know him as a person, even though we have known eachother for almost 3 years now. It was so great! I really like him! And not just because he's Lisa's husband. He made mention that everyone in his family has seen me dance except for him--which is true. Both his parents, his wifey, and his son have all seen me dance. So I told him I will personally invite him to the next performance! We had a blast. The food was catered, and amazing. The cake was made by Julie and it was fantastic! My knees hurt like a bitch the next day because I wore some seriously hoochie heels but it's all good.

Sunday I put in some time at the gym and then went to see "Nights in Rodanthe" with Amanda. I can't lie--I cried like a baby!!!! I am usually not one to fall for Nicholas Sparks' books/movies, but damn it was good! Glad I went. Plus got to hang with my girl Amanda!

Yesterday had a hard core workout at the gym. I went to Powerflex class. I almost wussed out and spent an hour on the bike, but I'm really glad I didnt. My knee actually feels better today than it did after the bike workout on Sunday. Sweet. And my arms are on fire! I realized I have a resistance band at my house so I'm going to see if I can work that in with the ball and my freeweights.

Headed to Zach's house for garden-fresh tomatoes and made a sweet mini pizza with the veggies and sauce--YUM!!

That's it for the Becky report. More as the week goes by. Feeling good!!