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China - part 4

China smells like garbage!! Or, pee! Yuck! They are definitely trying to make strides toward creating a clean environment, but damn it smells like ass, literally.

Mother and I had breakfast at Provence Cafe, next door to the hotel. The owner speaks very good English! The food was not the best, but the lady was great and it was really pretty inside. She also had free internet, whee! Mom ran into an Aussie she knows, Perry, so he joined us and they had conversations. He seems like an okay bloke.

The hotel here is subsisting, but it certainly isn't luxery. The towels all have holes and the bed really is hard as a rock, but I am just glad to be out of the chaos for a moment.

Sichuan Street is where we started walking and shopping. It is LOUD! Crowded! Mom says because it is May Day, the Labor Day of China. Goodness, everyone was nuts. The first friend mom saw was the bike guy's brother. BGB was super cute, and a lady stopped who soke a little English, and said BGB said that I was beautiful, and was excited to meet Jiang's daughter. People gathered around to hear mom's broken Chinese. Next stop, Original Bike Guy! OBG was more solemn, less excited, but warm nonetheless.

We sat at the park for a moment, to watch old men and young men doing Tai Chi and a lady dancing with a sword. A man came up to practice his English. I took pics of Tai Chi. I want to go back and take pics of the tea house and the men having their boy's club on the bridge.

On to the real shopping! Mom is a top dawg haggler! She got me a fake fancy purse for about $7, and a pair of cute sunglasses, and some movies and CDs for cheap. We walked forever and ate lunch at a noodle place and took a pedicab back to the hotel. The pedicab driver was a jerk, but mom told him off in Chinese! She's cool! I'm so not hard core like that.

Day 1, 2:00 PM
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Could I please erase the last 48 hours?

Friday: Horrible horrible blind date. I mean, pretty much blind. He looked nothing like his picture and was a total sleazeball. I'm talking, he tried to guess my bra size. I looked at him and said, "that's a really innapropriate question that's not getting an answer." Among other things. He kept hinting at how much he knew about the Kama Sutra. Seriously. He's a great guy on paper but his personality unfortunately does not match. No second date!!!

Saturday I got really drunk at john's birthday and ended up being babysat by my friends. That hasn't happened since my 26th birthday. That's how little I get drunk. I can tell you the last time it was that bad. Oh my lord. We're talking two day hangover. I didn't move from my bed yesterday. Which really sucks because I had all sorts of ideas about how I would spend my Sunday. These thoughts did not include barfing. Eeeewwwww.

Today I start the week anew. I can't wait for the inaugeration tomorrow. Thank God they are "letting" us watch it at work. Otherwise we'd all be crashing the server trying to get it online. But they are showing it on the big screen. Good thing; it's an important, momentous day! Tomorrow night I'll prob do a short Inaugeral Happy Hour somewhere downtown with Chrissy, and then go to Sambali class. I really enjoyed it last week and I want to keep going on a schedule. Anyway it's over at 8 so I can watch the Inaugeral Ball afterwards at home.

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Lumberjax, etc.

Yay!! The Lumberjax game was so fun! Alice and I had a blast. I'm so glad I've been trying new things lately.

Speaking of which, tonight was my first Sambali class. It was going really well until some stupid stubborn PSU meatheads kicked us out because they supposedly had the room reserved. Misunderstanding! But these things happen. On the plus side, PSU is a whole new Pandora's box when it comes to new friends. The people on campus (ok, yes, men) were really friendly and really cute! I had a great conversation with some dude about my dance class/teacher. He showed me where the Stott Center was, very pleasantly.  

Tomorrow, powerflex. Thursday I'm going to try to go to Shara's combo class. Saturday is John's birthday and that about wraps up my week! I'm trying to make more time for spontenaity but it's hard, friends.
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Earthquake near Alajuela, CR

The family is in Panama right now so I doubt they even felt this, but I want to make sure Ellioth and his family are safe and sound in Alajuela. He runs La Familia B&B, where all of Josh's guests stay, and it's right in downtown Alajuela, where the earthquake's epicenter was. I have been googling the hell out of this but it seems all they have is AP style reports that don't have a lot of detail. Ellioth is a total sweetheart and I would be devastated if anything happened to his business or family. I hope Josh sends out a report soon--he is always on top of communication with everyone. I'm sure Carlos and Omar are doing fine at the farm too, but it was said that the earthquake was felt all over the country and they have already had quite a bit of trouble with landslides in the area of Lanas, so I hope everything is okay on that front as well. Hold my Costa Rican friends and family in the light please.
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Curious Comedy shout-out

Chrissy and I wanted to do something different on Friday, so I was toodling through the internet, looking for something unique, and came upon a posting for an improv group performing at this brand-new venue, Curious Comedy, on NE MLK. We ended up going, having a drink, and a great big laugh! It was great! I'm so glad we tried something new and that we did it together.

Friday I am trying something else new. Lumberjax game with my best buddy AJ! We haven't seen eachother in weeks because of the snow, holidays, life... so we're having a little date night just the two of us. Makes me happy. And I'm excited to finally see what this indoor lacrosse is all about.

Went to bellydance on Monday night and that was a much-needed thing. Got to see Jessica and give her her Christmas present. We had a good class but I'm afraid the commute is going to hurt me. Gas is expensive and driving an hour each way plus work, and bringing dinner each time is really annoying. But Jess commuted to Portland for 2 years to have class with Claudia and me, so I'll stick it out a bit longer, but I'm not even sure the teacher is right for me. I need structure, and she is somewhat unorganized. A good teacher, don't get me wrong, but not structured.

So far good things in the new year. I'm liking it.

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This day makes me smile

Wow what a day! It is jeans day, first of all. That makes me happy automatically. Secondly I wore some seriously butt-hugging jeans that make me glad I took Chrissy's advice and started doing different workouts on the elyptical. Woo! It's always a good day when your butt looks good. Am I right, ladies?

Also, a past misinterpretation leads to a renewed crush. Yay! I love crushes. Who knows if anything will come out of it but I just love the butterflies in my tummy.

Chrissy and I are doing something new and different tonight! I just got my nails done (for FREE!!) and I got to talk to my sister and George tonight for an extended amount of time. She conferenced George in and my God, the memories just came flooding back. I haven't talked to him in years.

I'm eating my Thai dinner alone because Chad got Blazer tix and Katrina is sick so we all cancelled. But that happened for a reason! Everything happens for a reason, but it was literally spelled out for me tonight. I am grinning from ear to ear, let me tell you. And I am pumped for the comedy improv group tonight! Great second day of 2009!
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Weekend update with BS

Friday night = AMAZING. Raks Awalim was so mind-bogging. Seriously. And Znama was freaky deaky and delicious as well! I so enjoyed the show. Ate some seriously good Indian food when we got to Salem and just barely made it to the library in time for the show. That auditorium is fantastic for a library, I must say. I didn't party with my ladies afterward but am okay with that. My knee was feeling really sensitive and I wanted to get up and work out in the morning anyway.

So Saturday's gym was fantastic. Alice and I are forming a really great repertoire with the medicine ball. And everyone was super friendly at the gym, and at the Sunset Bagel place, and then we were efficient and frugal at Costco, which is really hard to do! Great day!! Came home, napped and then got ready to go out with my ladies! The prefunk was good. But I couldn't dance at the bar because my knee was hurting a lot so I took a cab home early. But it was all good. I had fun while I was there.

Sunday went to the gym for weights and then relaxed my knee again. Peace.

Now it's Monday.

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The hamsters won't stop!!

Man, my mind is going a million miles an hour today!! All these opportunities and ideas have come to me in the last 6 hours, and I'm finding it a bit difficult to get organized; at least I can see that part as a challenge. First thing:  cleaning up my work area. So I'm doing a major rehaul on my files, drawers, and multiple inboxes!!! Fantastic! The Virgo in me is coming out with a vengeance!

Here are a few things to chew on:
*New opportunities at work, which I am very excited about!
*It's not only Wordstock weekend, which I always manage to flub up or miss, but I still get inspired by the idea of it; but also, it's NaNoWriMo month!! I'm not signed up this year but I can still think like a writer, and always have that pen and paper in my sights!
*Cooking! Writing! Both!! Still working on my cookbook. Having a tasting party soon. Will keep in touch with my foodie friends about that.
*DANCE! God, it's been so long. I haven't danced since I injured my knee, and while I'm doing physical therapy and am allowed to work out at the gym, it's NOT the same as bellydancing. But I got a request from a contact that I made last year to dance in December, so that is my goal. Break out those zaggarheets December 12th!
*Love. It's going on holiday time, which is just a loving time in general. Let's all go overboard on the hugs for the rest of 2008. I double-dog dare you.
*Had a tribe meeting last Sunday. So nice to see those people. I miss them in my life, and I miss my family like crazy. Who wants to sponsor my next trip to Costa Rica?? I'll pack you in my suitcase! Or at least take lots of pics...

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