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This day makes me smile

Wow what a day! It is jeans day, first of all. That makes me happy automatically. Secondly I wore some seriously butt-hugging jeans that make me glad I took Chrissy's advice and started doing different workouts on the elyptical. Woo! It's always a good day when your butt looks good. Am I right, ladies?

Also, a past misinterpretation leads to a renewed crush. Yay! I love crushes. Who knows if anything will come out of it but I just love the butterflies in my tummy.

Chrissy and I are doing something new and different tonight! I just got my nails done (for FREE!!) and I got to talk to my sister and George tonight for an extended amount of time. She conferenced George in and my God, the memories just came flooding back. I haven't talked to him in years.

I'm eating my Thai dinner alone because Chad got Blazer tix and Katrina is sick so we all cancelled. But that happened for a reason! Everything happens for a reason, but it was literally spelled out for me tonight. I am grinning from ear to ear, let me tell you. And I am pumped for the comedy improv group tonight! Great second day of 2009!

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